We are aware that purchasing a new machine is an investment for many years. That is why we do our best to guarantee easy work without any issues.

Our warranty and assistance system are recognized as the highest safety standards of dental laboratories.
Up to 36 MONTHS WARRANTY including ASSISTANCE and 10 years technical support.

Nobody else can provide that except ROKO.

As a real manufacturer we have a complete range of spare parts and professional installation of facilities. As a result, the only company in Poland we guarantee service of our production devices of our production within very short period. If repair is not possible at this time we provide a replacement device.

Equipment manufactured in ROKO company is covered by the package of 3 years full warranty. Such a long period of warranty cover is the result of the production process technology and components supplied by reputable suppliers.

Warranty terms & conditions of each device are described in the warranty card.

Dental lab machines are to make profits, the smallest failure could result as work stops and financial loss. We understand this problem and to protect our customers we have created a ROKO assistance package.

If any failures occur we provide a replacement device for the duration of service. The replacement unit is supplied as soon as possible.

10-year service protection for spare parts provides components to all produced. Machines. Our service equipment is not limited to the replacement of components but also it ensures their repair. That makes the cost of consumables normally low even as post-warranty service.




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